Understanding Post Nasal Drip Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Submit Nasal Drip?

Glands which are found inside the lining of the throat, airways, stomach and the nostril produces a substance, thick and moist in nature, which moistens these places and assists in trapping and destroying abroad objects like micro organism and viruses, sooner than inflicting damage to our physique tissues.

Usually, we do not acknowledge the mucosa in our nostril because of they’re normally mixed with saliva and switch unnoticed down the once more of our throats and can get swallowed commonly all by the day. It’s simply when these glands produce further of the substance than conventional, or when the substance is thicker than common, the excess of it appears inside the entrance of the nostril inside the kind of a working nostril.

If the mucus strikes down behind the nostril to the throat, it is generally known as post-nasal drip.

Causes Of Submit Nasal Drip

The scenario happens because of quite a lot of attainable causes just like flu, irritation of the sinuses, allergic reactions, chilly, abroad objects sticking inside the nostril, being pregnant, some medicines comparable to make use of of contraception medicine and treatment of blood pressure. Deviated septum, which is a scenario which occurs when the wall that divides the two nostrils is abnormally positioned, is one different set off.

Others embrace altering local weather conditions just like further dryness inside the air, certain meals which is able to set off the circulation of the mucus and fumes from some substances just like perfumes, chemical substances, cleaning merchandise, smoke, mud and completely different irritable provides.

Submit Nasal Drip Indicators

Folks with the subsequent indicators is also recognized with submit nasal drip therapy:

  • Regular clearing of the nostril
  • Irritation sensation at the back of the nostril
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Mucus circulation which causes a seamless working nostril
  • Widespread spitting and a tickling inside the throat
  • Stomach discomfort because of regular swallowing of the substance
  • Respiration difficulties, hoarseness and continuous sore throat
  • Yellow or white lots formed significantly inside the crypt of the tonsils, normally generally known as tonsil stones
  • Fatigue, nausea, vomiting and frontal cranial pressure
  • Harmful breath and snorting to remove mucus from the nasal passage which might be not attainable to clear by merely blowing the nostril
  • Look of the oropharyngeal mucosa


The first selection for treatment of nasal polyps is usually a corticosteroid nasal spray. On many occasions, such treatment can shrink and even eradicate nasal polyps. In numerous circumstances, a tapered one-week course of oral corticosteroids is also needed. tanning injections

Regrettably, nasal polyps tend to recur if the precept irritation, an an infection or allergy isn’t fully managed. So, it might very properly be vital to take care of on using a corticosteroid spray to stay away from the nasal polyps from coming once more as soon as extra and endure occasional medical checkups with a nasal endoscope.