Beach Blanket – I Wanted More Than Just a Beach Towel

When you are planning a beach vacation, one thing to consider is the beach blanket. The beach blanket sounds similar to a beach towel if you never use one. The fact is that the beach towel and beach blanket are serving for different purposes. A beach blanket is more significant than only a microfiber beach towel thrown on the seaside along with your sneakers on the corners to carry it down. It ought to provide extra options: akin to ease of use, pure to hold, potential to remain in place underneath extreme wind situations, simple to wash, simple to setup and breakdown, consolation, light-weight, and sturdiness.

I can’t inform you what number of issues I’ve run into attempting to get slightly tanned on the beach. The microfiber beach towel I used to have is too bulky, and it sticks with sand easily. I couldn’t get comfy due to the bumps underneath the beach towel. All these are very annoying, and you want to get a good beach blanket to avoid all these issues.  I wanted a solution to those issues.

I began doing online searches for the best beach blanket. There are many choices to select from; nevertheless, none supplied the entire conveniences I sought in a straightforward to improve my beach experience. I needed a sand proof beach blanket- the Bentley of the beach towel. With some effort searching for the best microfiber beach towel, I finally meet GoBreezie. GoBreezie beach towel is one of the best that I’ve ever used. It is made of microfiber, the eco-friendly beach towel that will feel cozy and soft when to lay down on it. The microfiber beach towel is also very quick dry. It dries fast, especially in the direct sunshine. I found this very convenient when I bring the beach towel in the backpack for extended hiking. And what makes the microfiber beach towel so outstanding is that it is sand proof. Imagine being around the beach with sand sticks to your feet, your food, your body, and in your swimsuit. You can’t get rid of them even one week later at home. The sand proof beach towel comes perfectly to solve the sand issue on the beach. Being comfortable on the beach towel and enjoying a sandless day is the best scenario around the sand.

Lastly, when I am choosing a beach towel or beach blanket. I want it to be stylish and outstanding. I like to take photos around the beach so have a colorful beach towel could always brighten up the images.

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